Rig Audits

Whether for selection purposes, assessment of condition or verification of rig compliance with contractual requirements (Acceptance Survey), Inertia’s Rig Audit services using our SaaS Solution for remote supervision are provided with an unmatched level of reliability, consistency and transparency.

Reliability and consistency are ensured by the use of SRF Integrated Solutions©™ as well as the planning of the survey team deployed on the job. Each rig being different, each client requirement being different, each environment bringing its own levels of challenges, each job starts with a specific service planning summarizing and clarifying the limits of the scope of work. Standard procedures include the setup of SRF Integrated Solutions©™ to make internal check lists and specific client requirement available and traceable to site crew.

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For added transparency and improved reporting performances, clients are offered a read-only access to SRF Integrated Solutions©™. All data captured on site by our survey crew are uploaded via SaaS technology and made available to our headquarters or regional office for daily supervision. Data include results of findings, pictures as well as the details of observations raised. Client may choose to gain a read only access to such information, therefore allowing him to access critical rig details without waiting for the final report.

For more information on our rig audits and our SRF Integrated Solutions©™ system, please contact us at [email protected].