Inspections Appareils de Forage

Inertia has developed strict inspection procedures to ensure maximum reliability of inspection activities and results. These procedures, which allow for live supervisions of site activities, mean that site inspectors are no longer left on their own and away for any possible technical support.

Our head office and regional offices are able to provide the required supervision while inspection works are taking place. Therefore, any observation raised by supervisor to the inspector can be addressed during the course of the mobilization. This greatly improves the reliability of our inspection activities and limits chances for oversights and misinterpretations.


Our digital technology solution also means that inspection reports are automatically generated and accurately tracked through our database. No more of unformatted reports, no more of inconsistent reports, no more of endless waiting time for report submission: our standardized reports are issued max within a day from demobilization.

Observations raised on site are logged in our system and are tracked individually from the moment it is raised by the inspector, through the assessment for remedials by head office authority up to witnessing of close out evidences. This retrievable data means that you will no longer lose track of your progress in addressing past inspection observations, even for actions which may be taken as late as 2 years from inspection.

For more information on our inspection services and our SRF Integrated Solutions©™ system, please contact us at [email protected].