SRF Integrated Solutions©™

Remote Inspection & Supervision Solution

SRF diagram

Within today’s oil and gas industry, Drilling Contractors and Inspection Companies are faced with growing challenges to achieve greater operational & safety performances whilst delivering on cost savings.

Unfortunately, conventional inspection procedures often expose drilling contractors and rig owners to the following risks:

  • Reliance on limited supply of experienced and expensive inspection resources
  • Forced scheduling of 3rd party inspection teams between shutdowns or rig moves.
  • Paper processes leading to personalized and poor quality / detail of condition data recorded.
  • Uncontrolled inspection processes.
  • Long lead times for client reporting post inspection.
  • Inability for distributed global teams to collaborate and react in real time to critical issues.

Inertia has therefore developed a SaaS solution allowing for remote supervision and inspection. SRF Integrated Solutions©™ is used by our internal inspection team as well as business partners, and a read-only access is provided to our client for added transparency and reporting performances.

SRF Integrated Solutions©™ merges the benefits of new technologies with a strong technical experience in dealing with drilling assets to bring both, a cost efficient and a technically reliable solution.


SRF Integrated Solutions©™ uses a robust, stable and secured SaaS solution in which INERTIA has developed custom workflows to implement inspection procedures in accordance with various API Recommended Practices.

SRF Integrated Solutions©™ is a fully customizable solution allowing various inspection types such as API RP 2D, API RP 4G, API RP 7L, API RP 8B, DROPS, LGI, EX, Lifting Pad Eyes, etc. The solution includes valuable features such as a predefined acceptance criteria matrix, an observation tracking tool, a report generator engine, an inspection scheduling environment, data trending, and others.

SRF Integrated Solutions©™ demonstrates:

  • Full Control of inspection activities by engineering
  • Traceability and Accountability throughout inspection stages (findings, assessment, close out)
  • Increased reliability of inspection activities through Consistency and Engineering controls
  • Increased reporting efficiency through Consistency of Formatting & Automated Reporting
  • Increased security of confidential information using Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Cost-effective inspection campaigns through reduction of overheads and new work methods.

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