Reverse Engineering of Drilling Structures

It is often the case for old drilling rigs that the set of original data and original documentations are misplaced or are no longer available. And in such cases, clients often wonder how to retrieve critical information such as hook load capacity, setback capacity or environmental data (max wind, heave, etc.).

Inertia in-house engineering department assists you in confirming operational and environment rating for any of your drilling structures.

In line with API Spec 4F specifications, this service is provided for:

  • Drilling Masts
  • Well Servicing Structures
  • Offshore Derricks
  • Substructure

Our qualified structural engineers will proceed with a full 3D Modelling of the primary structure in accordance with original OEM drawings when available. For cases where information are not available, a dimensional survey of the primary structure will be performed to confirm the overall geometry of the structure as well as section properties of each of the load carrying members.

The process verifies the compliance of each primary structure members against the requirements of the API Spec 4F and related codes. And, depending on the date of manufacture of the structure, Inertia will advise clients on which of the 2nd, 3rd or 4th edition of the API Spec 4F it is recommended to conduct the analysis.

On completion of the simulation, we provide comprehensive, well documented, detailed and illustrated reports providing the necessary evidence of the structure’s capacities.

Should the structural simulation points out that some of the members suffers from overutilization, our engineering team will define the most effective way of reinforcing the structure by mean of member change, redirection of load path philosophy, strengthening of existing members, etc. Due to the cost involved as well as the impact on operations such reinforcement has, the selection of the reinforcement philosophy is a process in which the end user is closely involved for a smooth site implementation.

For more information, please send us a message via the contact page and our team will reach out to you at the earliest.

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